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"the names reserved for someone else" in December 2013 issue of Spillway

"The Failed Hostage-Taker" and "Initiation" in Spillway,
Issue 14, Fall 2010, Huntington Beach, CA

Sillway Sillway

Olympia in Cranky, Issue 5, May 2005, Seattle, WA

--Glacial marinas cap one part of town. When driving down the westside hill, where I monthly took to clogging its one strongest artery with a battery of friends on bikes, you can look across the glinty light of the speckled waters and bobbing yachts and boats to see the slinky caterpillar of electric lamps coming down that other, the eastside hill.

And so we puncture the heart the way the wind slaps our lungs—hard enough so that it’s hard to breathe. Slipshod traffic circles, tipsy drivers and teetotaling dogwalkers inhabit this labyrinth. Another body of water, still, cold, lays to your right. Its far end is a host to hot writhing bodies


Exhibit A in Eclipse: A Literary Journal, 2005, Glendale Community College

Candy in the shape of cigarettes. Pillows that become pliant lovers. Recital costumes of sequins and purple silk that cling to the skin. The songs we learn from the radio. The first found scrap of paper exhibiting nude bodies in heat. The dictionary open to ‘penis,’ ‘vagina.’


Deeply in Bedwetter (a zine by artist Christopher Russell)


* I open like a starfish, salt, sea, fingers kneading, your fingers in me, in your mouth, the sound of waves lapping against the flanks of a boat, still waters, lapping, lapping. Soft tissue pummeled and pounded into a new ocean.


Tender Machine in 4th Street, November/December 2001, Inlet Press,
Olympia, WA